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"Spring Ahead" with The Skin Pen

15 years of aging erased in 15 minutes!



We have been having phenomenal results with this procedure as seen on Good Morning America.


Step aside pricey wrinkle creams, and make room for the latest anti-aging product. That's right. One pen. One hour. That's all it takes to get new, rejuvenated skin!


It's called the SkinPen, by Texas-based Bellus Medical, which bills itself as a "dynamic medical aesthetics company."


Here's how it works:  First the skin is numbed. When the pen is placed on the face, 12 stainless steel needles create thousands of microscopic incisions. This allows for contraction and tightening, and helps products penetrate the skin. 


Call LaVita Laser today for more information or to schedule your first session at our low introductory price of $199!


**We are the only provider in Wisconsin with this phenomenal device**